Gryphon is an independent financial services group.

Based on years of experience and observation, we have identified specific niched areas within the asset management and investment industries where we can maximise the value we add to our clients through our knowledge, understanding and expertise.

Our asset management business offers specialist investment management focusing on innovative investment products, retirement and collective investment portfolios. Mandates are managed on a core-satellite approach, utilising a combination of indexation (passive fund management), alternative investment strategies and active asset allocation.

We serve both the retail and institutional markets with products suitable for direct investors, independent financial advisers and wealth managers, discretionary investment managers, asset consultants, retirement funds, and corporate treasuries.

Our directors: HSC Bester, A du Plessis, AB du Toit, MJ Kellerman


Money Market Fund

The Gryphon Money Market Fund generates a high level of monthly interest income while preserving capital.

Dividend Income Fund

The Gryphon Dividend Income Fund objective is to achieve a high level of dividend income while preserving capital and maintaining liquidity.


Prudential Fund of Funds

The Gryphon Prudential Fund of Funds’ primary objective is to generate real (after inflation) wealth for investors at lowest possible cost, with due cognisance of risk and, in particular, secular downside risk. The fund complies with the statutory investment limits set for retirement funds (Regulation 28).

Flexible Fund of Funds

The Gryphon Flexible Fund of Funds generates real (after inflation) wealth for investors at the lowest possible cost, with due cognisance of risk and, in particular, secular downside risk.

All Share Tracker Fund

The Gryphon All Share Tracker Fund is an optimally managed, low-cost portfolio that tracks the performance of the South African All Share Index after all fees related to the management of the fund have been accounted for.

Global Equity Fund

The Gryphon Global Equity Fund aims to provide investors with exposure to a diversified mix of global equity securities at the lowest possible cost, with the objective of providing a return close to that of the MSCI World Index translated into South African currency.

Transition Management

Gryphon Transition Management is a dedicated service that offers clients the necessary blend of experience and expertise when transitioning their portfolios.

Pixiu Financial Engineering

This business focuses on the design and creation of innovative investment products built on our core competencies in the field of market analysis, while simultaneously leveraging our understanding of the legislative framework of the financial services industry.


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An authorized financial services provider: FSP No. 581