Gryphon is an independent financial services group.

Based on years of experience and observation, we have identified specific niched areas within the asset management and investment industries where we can maximise the value we add to our clients through our knowledge, understanding and expertise.

Our asset management business offers specialist investment management focusing on innovative investment products, retirement and collective investment portfolios.   Mandates are managed on a core-satellite approach, utilising a combination of indexation (passive fund management), alternative investment strategies and active asset allocation.

  • Specialist asset manager of unique products

  • Established in 1998

  • 5 approved investment professionals

  • 100 years collective management experience

  • FAIS II and IIA licenses (FSP 581)​​


  • Own CISCA Manco/Custodian: Standard Chartered Bank


  • Focus: low-cost management and rules-based investing



Gryphon is a specialist investment house managing equity, interest bearing and derivative instruments as well as multi asset or asset allocation funds. One of the major risks to generating investment returns is emotion. To mitigate this risk, we are process driven with fundamental valuation as the foundation of our investment decisions.


Our investment philosophy is premised on the conviction that, in an efficient market and/or in sizable portfolios, value is added through asset allocation rather than by stock selection. Our philosophy, therefore, is to index stock selection while actively and aggressively managing asset allocation.


Patience is not just about waiting; it’s about how you wait.
“Patience is the companion of wisdom” ~ St Augustine


The Gryphon team comprises investment professionals with a wealth of experience in all spheres of fund management and financial engineering industries, including the management of equities, bonds, money market instruments and derivatives, as well as trading and administration.

Our investment professionals function on a multi-disciplinary basis which ensures collective involvement in product structuring, portfolio management, research, business development and client service.  This has the benefit of cross pollination between the different disciplines and focuses the mind of each team member on the same business and investment objectives.

Our operations team complement the investment team and ensure the smooth and effective functioning of the business.

Pankie Kellerman
Group Chief Executive Officer, Compliance

B.Com Hons (Acc), B.Com Hons (Taxation), CA (SA), B.Proc

Pankie is group CEO and focuses on the strategic positioning of the broader group. He is also very involved in product development where his experience in corporate restructuring and financing is optimally applied. Furthermore, he is responsible for risk management and the compliance function at Gryphon Asset Management. Pankie spent eight years in the world of tax before co-founding Gryphon.
Hans de Nysschen
Chief Executive Officer – Gryphon Asset Management

B.Com Acc, B.Compt (Hons), CTA

Hans is CEO of Gryphon Asset Management and, together with the Board, focusses on strategic positioning and development, where his extensive experience in financial services and technology prove invaluable. He was a founding member of the private investment firm, Blue Equity Holdings. Hans’ career spanned entrepreneurial and corporate roles within ABSA, KMPG and PSG Konsult Corporate, among others.
Megan Fraser
Head of Business Development
& Marketing

Megan joined Gryphon in 2018 as Head of Business Development and Marketing. She is a seasoned campaigner who brings a breadth of distribution experience to the team. This includes 30+ years in both the investment and insurance industries with previous employment at SCI, Frater Asset Management, Stanlib and Coronation. Megan is responsible for all aspects relating to the successful execution of Gryphon’s marketing strategy.
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Reuben Beelders
Chief Investment Officer, Portfolio Manager

B. Com (Hons), CA (SA), CFA

Reuben is CIO, as well as a Portfolio Manager. Having served as the Head of Strategy, he has experience covering most asset classes. Reuben also chairs the Gryphon Investment Committee. He has been an industry professional since 1996, has commercial and accounting experience, is a Chartered Accountant and is a Chartered Financial Analyst Charter holder.
Abri Du Plessis
Portfolio Management, Economist

M. Com

Abri’s position at Gryphon is that of Economist and Portfolio Manager. His primary focus is on the multi-asset funds - a role that sees his wealth of quantitative experience put to effective use. He manages Gryphon’s multi asset funds and co-manages the Gryphon Money Market Fund and the Gryphon All Share Tracker Fund. His experience spans all aspects of the industry and market and, having co-founded Gryphon, he is instrumental in the strategic direction
Sunette Swart
Portfolio Manager, Head of Finance

B. Compt (Hons), CTA, CA(SA)

Sunette is an active member of our fixed income franchise, credit and risk committee, and takes on the role of co-managing our money market portfolios. Having articled with EY and staying on in the auditing profession for a number of years, she changed direction and joined the Gryphon team as Head of Finance in 2004.
Casparus Treurnicht
Portfolio Manager, Research Analyst

B. Com Hons (Financial Analysis) CFA

Cassie is a Chartered Financial Analyst charter holder and fulfils the role of Portfolio Manager and Research Analyst. Cassie joined Gryphon in 2011, bringing a strong quantitative background which made him a natural fit for maintaining and developing our proprietary valuation models and conducting equity research.
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Bennie Gerber
Compliance, Distribution

B. Com (Financial Management), B.Com (Industrial Psychology), CFP

Bennie completed his B. Com Financial Management and B. Com Industrial Psychology degrees at RAU before moving to London to join SKY’s finance department in 2007. On his return, he started his investment career at PSG as a Portfolio Analyst. Before joining Gryphon in 2013 as Business Development and Sales Manager, he worked at Standard Bank SBFC business banking.
Theresa Joubert
Head of Client Services

B. Com (Investments)

Theresa completed her B. Com degree at Stellenbosch University in 2014 specialising in Investment Management. She started working in the financial industry as a Financial Advisor for PPS. In 2015, Theresa joined the Gryphon team where she plays a vital role in managing our client services function. She is also involved in the portfolio administration, compliance and marketing functions.
Cynthia Jacob
General Office Assistant

Cynthia joined Gryphon in 1999 and continues to serve as our General Office Assistant.
Alvina Stollenkamp
Administration Assistant

Having secured a broad range of experience in office management in the maintenance service industry before joining Gryphon in 2014, Alvina serves as our Administration Assistant. She assists in the administration of portfolios and general office administration.
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Jaco Maritz
Transition Management

MSc (Engineering Science), MPhil, PhD

Jaco is Transition Manager for Gryphon Transition Management which he established in 2013. Jaco moved into financial markets in 1999, starting as a Quantitative Analyst. With experience in risk management systems, stock index arbitrage models and trading strategies using technical analysis, Jaco's contribution to the team is highly valued.
Sunette Swart
Portfolio Manager, Head of Finance

B. Compt (Hons), CTA, CA(SA)

Sunette is an active member of our fixed income franchise, credit and risk committee, and takes on the role of co-managing our Money Market Portfolios. Having articled with EY and staying on in the auditing profession for a number of years, she changed direction and joined the Gryphon team as Head of Finance in 2004.
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